2019 Applications


Applications open January 1st, 2019 at 12 AM PT. Applications close January 31st, 2019 at midnight PT. We will not be doing an extension.

The Hollywood and Southern California Burlesque Festival is an inclusive event. We are open to performers of any gender, non binary, ethnicity, LGBTQ, and disability. We encourage inclusivity and welcome you to be a part of our festival. Categories with gender based titles will be awarded based your preference, and titles may be changed to MX Hollywood Burlesque upon request of winning. We ask that you apply to the category the best suits your identity for competition. Please check stage dimensions to ensure your act fits the stage. Our venue is wheelchair accessible. Questions? Email: hollywoodburlesquefestival@gmail.com

The Competition

The Hollywood and Southern California Burlesque Festival will be accepting applications for the following titles at the 2019 festival, any category with less than three qualifying performers will not be awarded and applications fees will be returned or you may have the option of showcasing:



Friday & Sunday Night Showcase opportunities are available as well for people not interested in competing.




Tickets and Compensation for Performers

Please note there is no monitary compensation or guests for performers. Each performer invited to perform will be offered a weekend pass (Friday/Saturday/Sunday shows. Classes are not included. All performers will receive gift bags. We do have a volunteer housing coordinator and will do our best to help find a local performer to house you.

If you are chosen to participate in the Hollywood and Southern California Burlesque Festival, you cannot perform your festival act within 30 miles of the Atomic Ballroom in Fullerton, California, 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the Hollywood (and Southern California) Burlesque Festival. Hollywood (and Southern California) Burlesque Festival staff are unable to accommodate requests to perform on a different night from the night for which a performer is selected.

Want to Apply?

Submit your $20 application fee here:

(Thirty-five cents of your application fee will be donated to the BurlesqueHall of Fame.)

Once you have paid your application fee, you will be required to input your Purchase name (legal name), Attendee as name (Stage name), and confirmation number to the application. YOU MUST DO THIS! 

Fill out this application & make your payment. Good Luck!


Residents of Greater Southern California Area only quality for Miss/Mr/Mx Hollywood Burlesque. Not sure? Email us.

Still Have Questions?

Email: hollywoodburlesquefestival@gmail.com