Our Team

We have an amazing All-Star team working night and day to bring you the biggest and best Hollywood Burlesque Festival Yet!

Miss Spent Youth


Miss Spent Youth is a veteran burlesque performer and producer. She’s the brains behind the long running live band Burlesque show, Babylon Cabaret now in it’s 7th year. After working behind the scenes on some of the largest burlesque events in the country Miss Spent Youth brings a new vision to the festival, tapping in to the new roaring 20’s and the growing popularity of burlesque in the main stream.

Gustavo Rojas


Born and raised in Hollywood, Gustavo is driven by his love of all things vintage, including classic cars and burlesque. He brings his business development skills to the burlesque industry and is looking forward to taking the Hollywood Burlesque Festival to new heights!

Veronica Voss

Show Coordinator & Performer Liaison

A Los Angeles native, Veronica is a multi-award winning performer, who has traveled the country showcasing her diverse style as a nerdlesque, neo, and classic performer. Radiating sass, sexy, and a little silly she is the “Pocket Rocket of Burlesque!”.

Tas Al-Ghul

Production Manager & DEAI Consultant

Known as the Bengal Bombshell, this queer and curvy performer hypnotizes crowds across the country with their golden voice and bumps and grinds. She is an award-winning neurodivergent queer plus-sized second-generation South Asian-American Muslim cosplayer, model, and performance artist originally from the NYC Metro area. Tas wields her art as a form of social activism designed to explore the varied (and sometimes conflicting) facets of her identity, with the intention to challenge expectations related to these facets, specifically: intersections of race, sexuality, and heritage. They are a core cast member of the Old Hollywood-style variety show Babylon Cabaret as well as the 2015 and 2017 California Burlypicks Master of Singing. Tas has also been a Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusivity (DEAI) Consultant for over a decade and holds a B.A. in Psychology as well as a Masters in Clinical Social Work, in addition to several certificates and 15 years of field experience..