Classes & Activities

Take Class with Today’s Burlesque Legends

Our headliners, performers and guests will be offering a variety of classes for performers of all levels and fans. Learn from the best of the best. 

Plus check out our free drink demos, brewery tours, panels and boutique shopping!

All classes are at an additional cost determined by the instructor. Space is limited and passes are non-refundable. You must also have a 3-day or single day festival pass to register for classes.

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Saturday Classes & Activities

Saturday classes and activities will be held at 1st Impression Dance, right next door to Frogtown Brewery and Beer Garden. 

Spend the day relaxing with food trucks, craft beer, cocktail demos, brewery tours and tastings or take class from world famous Burlesque Performers and Instructors.

12- 5pm Burlesque Boutique Curated by Audrey Deluxe

Shop vintage and burlesque costume pieces in a curated collection from local sellers curated by Audrey Deluxe 

Craft Cocktail Demos & Brewery Tours through out the day

12pm  History of the Tropical and Crafted Cocktail

Join Adrian Eustaquio, podcast host and tiki historian, as he talks about the origins of the tropical cocktail from it’s humble beginnings in the Caribbean to it’s rise to prominence as a crafted product and experience in today’s modern bar world.
Free Workshop – Seating is limited so please reserve your spot!

1pm Tiki and Burlesque, an Unlikely Pairing?

Join Adrian Eustaquio, podcast host and tiki historian, as he explores the symbiotic relationship of Tiki Culture and Burlesque, from it’s backdoor past inside some of prohibition’s speakeasies, to it’s current relationship to events like Tiki Oasis, Viva Las Vegas and more.
Free Workshop – Seating is limited so please reserve your spot!

Craft Cocktail Demos & Brewery Tours through out the day

Burlesque Workshop/Class Schedule :

Class space is limited. You must purchase a ticket ahead of time to attend. In order to purchase classes you must have a 3 day or 1 day festival pass. Once you purchase your festival pass you’ll receive a link to signup for classes. 1 hour classes are  $15-$25 and 2 hour classes are $40-$50 as determined by the instructor.

11:30 – 1pm: Stretch and Flow with Miss May

Photo taken at Muse Burlesque

Stretch and flow is a 90 min class designed to infuse confidence and self love into your mind, body and soul! During the first half of the class you will be guided through a confidence building meditation and vinyasa style stretch session aimed to open the body and calm the mind. Once students are warmed up they will dance it out to their favorite track in a creative free flow! No rules, no steps, just you and the music surrounded by love and support.

Open to anyone – Please bring yoga mat and anything you feel good/sexy to dance in.

12-1pm: Burlesque Choreography for Modern Music with Lux LaCroix 

Would you rather do a fan dance to Megan Thee Stallion than the David Rose Orchestra? Let’s face it everybody loves the classics, but some of us would like to spread our boas. By taking traditional skills from the past ranging from chair dancing to stocking peels and presenting them to a present day soundtrack, Lux will teach you how to bump and grind your way into the future.

Intermediate to Advanced Dance Experience recommended 





1-3pm The Essence of Seduction with Egypt Blaque Knyle 

The Essence of Seduction is self love, empowerment and embracing your body. In this class you will explore the physical aspects of your body. You will explore sensual and sexual movement while having intimate discussions and demonstrations around body parts.

This class includes The Art of Fuckery, Fu#k Like a Boss, Power of the Pu$$y, etc…
All Levels Welcome – Please bring Water, Knee pads (if need) and an open mind.


1-3pm: Floor work with Ginger Valentine 

Burlesque inspired dance class with a focus on technique and presence.

All Levels Welcome – You can’t be a meanie. Sorry no meanies allowed.



2pm: History of Los Angeles Burlesque Panel with Lili VonSchtuup 

Learn about the resurgence of Burlesque in Los Angeles with the women who made it happen, from the Velvet Hammer to Lucha Va Voom this ladies brought Neo-burlesque to Los Angeles. Ask questions and take part in the panel discussion moderated by Lili Von Schtupp Featuring Rita D’Albert creator of Lucha Va Voom and more special guests!

Free to attend, please reserve a spot for seating. 


3 -4pm Slow Burn with Matt Finish

You don’t need to run yourself ragged to keep your audience engaged! Learn how with “Mr Exotic World” 2015 Matt Finish. Class will consist of a warm up, brief discussion, and easy to learn choreography. Performers should bring comfortable exercise attire, a water bottle, and a hand towel (so you don’t turn into a sweat monster). Heels/shoes are optional. Please note that there will be some floorwork in this class. If you need an accommodation, please let the HBF organizers know.

Open to all – No prior skills required



3- 5pm: Feather fans with Madeline Sinclaire

Feather fans for everyone. Part class/Part workshop: This will not be a beginner class but beginners ARE welcome. Bring your own or borrow a pair- we’ll be working with the 12-stave type fans and string together movements. Bring a bra, dress or boa so we can undress behind fans. Bring knee pads (or not) if you wanna get up… and get down gracefully with fans. Bring your questions and challenges about fan usage!

Performers of all levels. Madeline has a few pairs of fan available to borrow if you do not have your own. (Please Specify when signing up)

4-5pm: Slow it down like a Queen / Sensuality with intention with Foxy Lexxi 

In this workshop Lexxi will guide you on how we embody sexiness like a queen. Are you trying to BE sexy but aren’t feeling it? Learn to tease it, work it, fake it till you feel it With some some tips and tricks.

Explore how the tease is the element around which the strip turns. Join Foxy Lexxi as she help you take your time to slow it down and be intentionally sexy and sensual to leaving your audience hot and bothered.

Open to Performers of all levels 

Please bring:

  • Bottle of Water
  • Comfortable clothing like yoga, gym wear, etc that you feel good and cute in it.
  • A pair of heels, one that you’re confident and comfortable in



Sunday – Special Photo Shoot with Susana from Vestige Photography