Take Class with the Burlesque Legends of Tomorrow

Our Headliners, performers and guests will be offering a variety of classes for performers of all levels and fans. Learn from the best of the best. Take a sneak peak at some of our premium workshops already in the works, with more on the way!

All classes are at an additional cost determined by the instructor. Space is limited and passes are non-refundable. You must also have a 3-day festival pass to register for classes.


Featured Instructors

Ginger Lee Valentine

Classic Burlesque class from one of the must in-demand burlesque teachers and performers in the world!

Audrey Deluxe

Learn the history of Burlesque and Neo-Burlesque in Los Angeles. Open to performers and fans!

Lux LaCroix

She’s danced professionally all over the world including the Superbowl! Now you can take a dance class from her in person

Madeline Sinclaire

Learn advanced fan technique from the queen of Feather Fans

More Classes and Info Coming Soon

That's just the beginning !