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Classes Are Announced!

The Hollywood Burlesque Festival and Lili’s School For Wayward Girls present the educational classes for the weekend.

Classes are $30 each.
You can buy a “Class Pass” for all four classes, $100.

SATURDAY, August 15th, 2015:

King of Burlesque 2115
Matt Finnish
King of Burlesque 2o15

11AM Matt Finish 90Minutes
Flirty & Fit

Firm and tone your entire body with The King of Boylesque 2015! Each class will include cardio and strengthening exercises that emphasize the physicality, flexibility and technique used by burlesque performers! Not a burlesque performer? That’s ok! This full body workout will firm and tone you in all the right places. Participants should wear form fitting exercise clothes, comfortable shoes, and bring a towel and water bottle.

Satan's Angel Queen of the Fire Tassels
Satan’s Angel
Queen of the Fire Tassels

1PM Satan’s Angel 120minutes
Performance Tips and Tricks

The ins and outs of performance for the burlesque performer from burlesque legend Satan’s Angel. This 90 minute class will give you usage tips on boas, robes, and learning confidence, communication, and connecting with the audience. Including personal experiences and live stories from her career starting in 1961. Some movement, wear comfortable clothing.

SUNDAY, August 16th, 2015:

Ray Gunn King of Burlesque 2013
Ray Gunn
King of Burlesque 2013

11AM Ray Gunn 90Minutes
is a 90-minute hands on movement invention class by King of Burlesque 2013, Ray Gunn. This practical and active workshop focuses on the creation and construction of choreography as it applies to burlesque concepts. Dancers will learn to match movement with themes, design choreography that includes cohesive imagery, and practice techniques to create a legitimate tease factor for a successful act. Students will need to come prepared with note-taking tools and dress comfortably to move.

Nina La Voix Best Solo Great Burlesque Expo
Nina La Voix
Best Solo
Great Burlesque Expo

1PM Nina La Voix 90Minutes
#whatdatbootydo: The Class.

NYC’s Grande Dame of Derriere, Nina La Voix, wants you to do #whatdatbootydo. Are you eager to werk that booty? Left cheek, right cheek, left cheek, right cheek. Learn booty sculpting, booty tricks, and booty choreography with an award winning booty burlesque pro. No prior dance experience necessary. Everyone’s booty is destined to do what it do! Booty shorts and sneakers welcome! Be prepared to WERK!

Private consolations with guest instructers are available. Please e-mail for availibility.

Questions? Concerns?
Please contact Lili directly at:
Lili’s School For Wayward Girls, Established 2007


Hollywood Burlesque Festival Rule #2 – Remember Safety First

Be careful attending the Hollywood Burlesque Festival. Follow these rules and you are bound to have a great time! Get your ticket now!


Hollywood Burlesque Festival Rule #57 – Know The Classics

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Hollywood Burlesque Festival Rule #1 Attend The Festival!

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T-shirts, Tank Tops, Hoodies and more

The Hollywood Burlesque Festival has shirt options for sale through July 29th. Five shirt styles and various colors are available.

T-shirts from TeeSpring.
T-shirts from TeeSpring.


Richard Simmons Will Present “The Shirley Simmons Most Classic Award” Saturday Night

Photo source: Richard Simmons Facebook Page
Photo source: Richard Simmons Facebook Page

Richard Simmons is larger than life. He’s an ubiquitous dynamo who has been changing lives for decades. Some of us remember first seeing Richard on “General Hospital” early in his television career. Others remember first seeing his enthusiasm for getting fit on “The Richard Simmons Show.”  His videos and DVDs made their way into into homes worldwide, and many schools used his programs for physical education. His health and fitness empire and charisma have made him a Hollywood Icon.  He is a philanthropist in the truest sense of the word: Richard Simmons loves people.


Shirley Simmons from the pages of  Richard Simmon's Book, Still Hungry After All These Years
Shirley Simmons from the pages of Richard Simmon’s Book, Still Hungry After All These Years


Richard’s mother, Shirley, was a fan dancer in New Orleans when he was a young man, performing under the stage name Nancy Lee. Richard took a moment between his fitness tours and entrepreneurial activities to share with us about his mother.




RICHARD SIMMONS: My mom started out as a dancer in New York and then got married and moved to New Orleans where my mom and dad worked. My mom performed all around the United States. My dad made my mom’s costumes.




RICHARD: The fan dancer got sick and they handed the fans to my mom. [The fans were five feet tall and Shirley was under five feet. She was very petite!]




RICHARD: My mom influenced me in many ways. I learned to be creative, take chances and entertain people.


Richard is creative and entertaining, which you can see in his new YouTube video “Hair Do.” He has a new workout system with the Food Mover in release.  His Sparkle jewelry line is a new and fabulous addition to


You can witness Richard’s burlesque firsthand in his Slimmons Studio in Beverly Hills. Many burlesque dancers have taken his workout class, joining ranks with fitness enthusiasts and first timers alike. His costumes always have pizzazz, and he has been known to strip down to workout wear during the class, eliciting hoots and hollers from the students. You can also see how much he cares about each and every individual student working to reach their personal fitness goals.

Follow Richard at:

Slimmons Studio



We are delighted to have Richard present the Shirley Simmons Most Classic Award at our Festival in December.



Stocking Peel Class at What Katie Did

Lili VonSchtupp & Red Snapper show the ladies how to peel stockings for stage or lovers at What Katie Did Los Angeles
Lili VonSchtupp & Red Snapper show the ladies how to peel stockings for stage or lovers at What Katie Did Los Angeles


When I first learned there was burlesque happening in present day, I devoured everything I could find about the subject. I remember getting early issues of Bachelor Pad Magazine and seeing ads for What Katie Did. The retro-inspired lingerie in the ads was fantastic, and I wanted more. I placed an order or two when there was only the shop across the pond. They opened a Los Angeles store a couple years ago in the very fashionable strip of Melrose. They were less than 30 minutes from my house, but I still found myself ordering my underthings by mail. I’d been on the mailing list for almost as long as I’d been doing burlesque, but I’d never been in the store or tried their stockings.

The stockings workshop, conducted by Hollywood Burlesque Festival, gave me the opportunity to do both. Arranged by Lili VonSchtupp, the evening was filled with three mini-classes of ladies learning about the stocking peel. It was a bit of a dream come true to teach these classes with Lili, nestled in this adorable boutique, surrounded by silky unmentionables. (I had seen many London workshops in their newsletter over the years. I was really excited to be teaching at their Los Angeles shop.) What Katie Did gifted every attendee with a pair of stockings, and I fell in love with mine from the first moment. Just the right amount of stretch for an exciting peel and more durable than the “one size” options I’ve purchased in a pinch. They were considerably sturdy; I peeled my stockings about 30 times and wore them around the shop without shoes, only developing a run in the toe at the end of the night. Most stockings endure about ten peels before the runs begin and quickly spread up the leg.

Ladies learn the art of the peel at What Katie Did Los Angeles
Ladies learn the art of the peel at What Katie Did Los Angeles

What Katie Did also gave attendees an incredible discount. I made a little splurge of my own at the end of the evening to celebrate some great classes. With wine, cupcakes and candies, it was like a fantastically festive hen party. We even collected a few more bras for our Hollywood Burlesque Festival charity, Free The Girls.

What Katie Did is located at 7970 1/2 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046. Open 11am-7pm Monday through Saturday. What Katie Did is a sponsor of the Hollywood Burlesque Festival.

Charity General Performers

Free The Girls, Literally

Free The Girls

I started working with Denver based, Free the Girls several months ago. I’m from Colorado and a friend on Facebook posted a link about them that piqued my interest. I had been looking for a new volunteer opportunity that would work with my busy schedule and honor a cause that was important to me.

Free the Girls is a 501 c (3) non profit organization that partners with safe houses and after care facilities to provide work opportunities for survivors of sex slavery and human trafficking selling new and gently used bras. I reached out to the organization and expressed an interest in helping to collect bras by organizing “bra drives”. I gathered a bin, printed some signs, created fliers to help spread the word and started collecting bras at local burlesque shows. I asked if they would accept bras that had been embellished and they encouraged such donations. I find it poetic that, as burlesque performers, we have the freedom to literally take our bras off and give them to another to help her reclaim her freedom.

I had some luck collecting bras at first, but not nearly the bounty for which I was hoping. Then, things became particularly exciting when I was approached to get involved with the Hollywood Burlesque Festival as the Charity Organizer. I knew this would be a great opportunity to promote Free the Girls and collect a significant amount of bras for donation and it was a humble way for me to contribute to the festival. I felt a swelling sense of gratitude to see two of my passions–volunteer work and burlesque–collide. BOOM! BANG! POW! Great things were bound to happen. Between Free the Girls and the HBQF crew we were able to start spreading the word and before long, it became obvious that many performers were delighted to get involved with a cause helping fellow women.

We kicked off our first bra drive at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival Fundraiser–All Star Showcase, presented by Bobbie Burlesque at M Bar. I was blown away by the number of bras we collected. Audience members and performers alike made donations and filled our bin to the brim. Thank you so much to everyone who made a donation.

A bounty of bras we’ve collected, so far.

So what happens to those bras now?

First they will be shipped back to Free The Girls. A program will then be initiated at a safe house with a donation of bras. It will be set up to be sustainable and women can purchase more bras at a discounted wholesale price. Bras are a highly sought after item in many countries and many of the women were sold at young ages and missed out on the opportunity to attend school. By selling bras they are able to reclaim the opportunities they lost after being sold into slavery by attending school, getting the health care they need and caring for their families, all while earning an income.

In July 2012, 32,000 bras were shipped to Mozambique. The women in the program have been able to sell between 100-500 bras each month and depending on the community, some of the women are able to make 3-5 times the minimum wage selling bras. There are other programs being launched in Kenya, Uganda and El Salvador.

Denver Broncos Bra decorated by Spy Kitten
Denver Broncos Bra decorated by Spy Kitten

Free the Girls recently held their first ever fundraising gala for which I decorated and donated a Denver Broncos inspired bra for auction. Go Broncos! 😉 I have gained immense pleasure from getting involved with this organization. The employees of Free the Girls have been fabulous, fun and friendly and I hope to meet up with some of them on a trip to Denver in the near future. I feel lucky to be able to watch the HBQF and Free the Girls grow during their respective inaugural year. I hope you will join me in supporting both the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and Free the Girls. I have no doubt that we will be sending a large amount of braziers back to Colorado in December.

Check your calendars and make sure to come out to the Hollywood Burlesque Festival fundraising events and get your tickets for the festival happening December 6-9th…and remember to bring a new or gently used bra to any HBQF event, we will gladly accept it on behalf of our sisters.

Thank you,
Spy Kitten
Charity Coordinator, Hollywood Burlesque Festival


Education Program Announced

We are offering 11 classes over the two days to help you find your inner burlesque diva. Attend classes both days with a $100 weekend pass or buy individual classes at $15 per class.

Saturday, December 7th:

10-11am – Instructor Caramel Knowledge
Shake Dancing 101: An Introduction to Solo Blues.

Part video presentation, part movement class, Shake Dancing 101 will explore some of the roots to the old bump and grind. Many African American burlesque dancers were also known as shake dancers in the 30’s and 40’s Students will view clips of both vintage and current day solo blues dancers. African American vernacular dance shares similar movement to vintage jazz; Students will learn some of the common dance steps and a short choreography. The objective of this class is to introduce students to a vintage form of dance that is still practiced today and add new moves to their tool box. 60 min.

11:15am-12:15pm – Instructor Pearl Lux
Explore the history and choreography of dance styles and their corresponding music genre to enrich the overall aesthetic of your performances.

Class Objectives –
Expand your knowledge of dance styles associated with commonly used burlesque music
Examine how dance styles can affect your musicality, theme, and stage presence.
Learn basic choreography from dance styles ranging from jive to samba and jazz.
Learn how to incorporate these steps into your choreography to enhance your tease
60 min

12:30-1:30pm – Instructor Anastasia Von Teaserhausen
Corsets – a practical guide to finding the best corset for you.
Understanding the difference between corset, corsellet, bustier and other corset like items. Understanding the use of steel, spring steel, and plastic boning. Shaping vs stripping in corsets. Plus, we will discuss how to upgrade and embellish off the rack (ie Fredericks of Hollywood, Leg Ave) type corsets for stage use. (Please note: this is not a class on how to build a corset from scratch) 60 min.

1:30-2:30 pm LUNCH BREAK

2:30-3:30pm – Instructor Hells Belles
Rock n Roll Burlesque Choreography class
Hells Belles Burlesque will help you discover your inner video vixen with their signature Rock n Roll Burlesque! Join LA’s most celebrated rock darlings and step into a whole new world where guitars wail, hair flips dominate, and leather does a body good in this exciting (1 hour / 1.5 hour) workshop! The Belles will take you on a rock and roll burlesque adventure that will include sensual body warm-ups, sassy across the floor combos, and our signature rock and roll flair! The workshop will climax with hard hitting choreography that will unveil your true rock-n-roll sex kitten. 60 min

3:45-4:45 pm – Instructor Hells Belles
Beginner Burlesque Chair
Unleash your inner rock n’ roll showgirl! Every burlesque dancer knows that chair dance is a staple of the trade, but let Hells Belles show you how to take this classic art form to a whole new level! In this workshop, you will learn how to take our sexy staple moves and rocker girl flair to the chair. We will learn to integrate basic burlesque body movement with the burlesque chair to create a sexy dance combo sure to leave you feeling confident, inspired, and ready to rock!

5-6:30 – Instructor Mr Snapper
Find Your Inner McGuyver: Prop Building With Mr. Snapper.
Only YOU can prevent prop disasters from happening, and Mr. Snapper will show you how! Learn how to avoid common prop-building pitfalls and instead create beautiful works of art that will complement your performance, not detract from it. Mr. Snapper will cover: how to design a prop, basic construction techniques, and finishing touches that will make your prop pop and sizzle on stage. And you’ll get a hand-out. People love hand-outs. 90 min.

Sunday, December 8th:

9:30-11am – Instructor – Jewel of Denial
Belly for Burly: Enhance your Burlesque Dance!
Expand your burlesque repertoire with this exciting bellydance burlesque fusion class. Learn ways to mix fluid with percussive movements to create contrast & build tension in your performance. This is a mixed-level class coupling classic signature Fishnet Follies burlesque movement with belly dance basics. No experience necessary! 90 min

11:15am-12:45pm – Instructor Tiffany Carter
Come Learn with a legend, Tiffany Carter

From her experience as burlesque performer to teaching at some of the top festivals, Tiffany has the knowledge and experience to teach the classic style of the art of the striptease.
Topics that will be taught:
* Panels and negligees’, how to wrap them, how to sew them, how to spin with delight and look as elegant as a butterfly.
* Onstage Strut, working to the beat of your music with a boa, scarf, or panels.
* Time permitting, we will have some classic chair work.
Please bring comfy clothes as this class is a workout, stockings high heels gloves, panels or a negligee if you have one, if not bring a scarf, or anything that will flow with ease, also bring a boa if you have one. 90 min

12:45-1:45pm LUNCH BREAK

1:45-3:15pm – Instructor Sheila Starr Siani
Strip Like a Stripper

Lecture/round table, warm ups, stretches, movement exercises, short choreography.
Exotic dancers in the strip clubs embody raw sexuality. Usually working on smaller, intimate stages, or even in private rooms, they tend to draw the audience into them, enticing them with a glimpse of their personal sensuality. Blending these techniques with the theatrical, outbound energy of burlesque can add a super seductive dimension to your performance.
We will learn:
** Strip clubs then and now
** survey and practice strip club-style dance moves
** talk about what makes us feel sexy.
** Movement directed inward versus outward and what the intention are and when to use each
** Undulations, floor work, body pops
** facial expressions and eye contact
**suggestive poses and movement for stage
90 min

3:30- 5pm – Instructor Ms Red Snapper
Off the Rack to Off the Hook – Learn how to turn ready-made clothing into a costume.
Tricks for
closures and embellishment. Bring any costume piece that needs
embellishment. 90 min

5:15-6:15pm – The burlesque Silhouette: Costume design and camouflage. Get up close and personal with the costumes of award-winning costume designer Penny Starr, Jr. Review the varied burlesque silhouette, contrasting color theory, the art of camouflage (without looking like you are hiding something), the “Three Layer Theory” of striptease, a review of clasps and various options of embellishment that won’t break the bank. 60 min

More information about the instructors can be found at our website:
Classes are brought to you in part by Lili’s School For Wayward Girls.

General hotel Travel

Official Hotel Announced: The Vagabond Hotel Hollywood

We have an official hotel! The Vagabond is located in the heart of Hollywood right next to our after party venue & Monday night show venue, Three Clubs. Easy metro access and free parking for guests.

1133 Vine St. Hollywood CA, 90038

Hotel rates at the Vagabond Inn are negotiated for Thursday, December 5th thru Tuesday, December 9th. You must call the hotel directly. Online reservations are not accepted.

Call 323-466-7501 use code HBQF13

Rooms rates in effect during the stay dates shall be $89.99 for one bed and $119.99 two beds (all rates are plus 15.5% tax and $3.00 energy surcharge) and these rates shall be effective during the reserved dates. No other charges to apply to attendee guests for hotel services. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are available. There is a one night non refundable fee charged at reservation.

Check in 3pm.
check out 11am.

*** Pet & Smoking Policy: We do not allow pets. There is a $ 250 fee for violation of pet and non smoking rules.


hotel pool

Queen room

Looking for a hotel in Hollywood that is conveniently located and budget-friendly? The Vagabond Inn Executive Hollywood is in the heart of Tinseltown, with some of the most popular attractions and landmarks that Los Angeles has to offer just half a mile from the hotel. Down the street are the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Pantages Theater, Paramount Studios and much more.
Make the most of your Hollywood stay and save with our convenient Universal Studios packages, and you can experience what Hollywood is like behind the camera lens. The hotel is a mere 2.5 miles from the theme park and a short drive from the infamous Sunset Strip and posh Beverly Hills. Indulge your taste buds at The Geisha House for a world-class dining experience or experience Downtown LA and visit the Staples Center and LA Live. When staying at our Hollywood hotel, the possibilities for adventure and entertainment are endless.

The Hollywood Vagabond Inn offers specific amenities for business travelers, featuring rooms with ample workspace, a larger TV with remote and free WiFi.

To make your stay more comfortable, we offer a daily, complimentary breakfast, free weekday newspaper and free parking for your added convenience. After a long day, you can relax and swim a few laps in our pool or unwind in your air-conditioned room with cable TV and HBO.

For hot deals and discounted rates at our hotel in Hollywood, visit our online reservations page. Please note that rates are subject to availabilty, so take advantage of our offers while you can.

Whether you stay with Vagabond Inn for business or pleasure, we’ll serve you our own brand of Western Hospitality. Great Value, Friendly People – It’s how we do things.


• • Accessible Rooms
• • Air Conditioning
• • Free Continental Breakfast
• • Cable T.V.
• • Under 18yrs Stay Free w/ Parents
• • Free Incoming Fax
• • In-Room Hair Dryer
• • Free Weekday Newspaper
• • Free Parking
• • Swimming Pool
• • Refrigerator in all Rooms
• • Free Local Phone Calls
• • Free WiFi Internet Access


• • Baby Cot Upon Request for a small Fee
• • Deposit Direct to Hotel
• • Direct Payment
• • Family Suite & Suites Available
• • Handicapped Accessible Rooms
• • Iron/ Board Available
• • Outgoing Fax Service
• • Rollaway for a small Fee