Schedule 2017

Shows & Workshops

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FRIDAY SHOWCASE at The Mayflower Club, 8pm

Opening Music by Babylon Cabaret

Emcee – Pomp Adourable
Stage Kittens: Mae Lust and Kitty Coco Butter

Poison Ivory Queen Of Burlesque 2016 BHOF, Miss Starlet 2013 New York, NY
Kirby La Brea Mr Hollywood Burlesque 2015 Hollywood, CA
April Showers Miss Hollywood Burlesque 2015 Hollywood, CA
DeeDee Queen MountainView, CA
Iza la Vamp Los Angeles, CA
Koko Knockout Los Angeles, CA
Lilly Loca Auckland, New Zealand
Lily Star & Prof. Basil Ganglia Las Vegas, NV
Moxie Gold Orange, CA
Ruby Champagne Los Angeles, CA
SinSity Pearl Las Vegas, NV
Veronica Voss Los Angeles, CA


SATURDAY NIGHT COMPETITION at The Mayflower Club, 8pm Show

Opening Music by Babylon Cabaret

Emcee – Rob The Balloon Guy
Stage Kittens: Oh Olive and Kitty Coco Butter

Miss Hollywood Burlesque 2017:
Aya Fontaine Los Angeles, CA
Bo Toxique Los Angeles, CA
Brandy Snifter Los Angeles, CA
Egypt Blaque Knyle Los Angeles, CA
Kami Oh! Los Angeles, CA
Miss May Los Angeles, CA
Nikita Bitch Project Los Angeles, CA

Miss Starlet 2017:
Arabella Allure Edmonton AB, Canada
Francine “The Lucid Dream” Brooklyn, NY
Kerri N’ Fuego Las Vegas, NV
Sojourn Belle Perth, Australia
Vanille Bon Bon Torino, Italy

Leading Man 2017:
Gilbert de moccos Tokyo, Japan
Hank E. Panky Kansas City, MO
Guy Fawkeswell Phoenix, AZ
OD Kimani Middleton, WI

Best Group 2017:
Atomic Cherry Bombs Los Angeles, CA
Cora Vette and the Chevettes Denver, CO
The Hollywood Jane Revue Los Angeles, CA

Best Duo 2017:
Blanche Bourgeois & Gwen Ruby Los Angeles, CA
Brandy Snifter and Veronica Voss Los Angeles, CA
Circus De Moccos – Coppelia Circus & Gilbert de Moccos Tokyo, Japan

Matt Finish Mr Exotic World 2015 Tucson, AZ


SUNDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE at The Mayflower Club, 8pm Show

Opening Music by Babylon Cabaret

Emcee – Tuba
Stage Kittens – Mia Morete and Kitty Coco Butter

Lovey Goldmine Burlesque Legend Las Vegas, NV
Rubenesque Burlesque Best Duo 2015 San Francisco, CA
Tito Bonito & Nikita Bitch Project Best Duo 2015 Hollywood, CA
Anita Brassiere Las Vegas, NV
Coppelia Circus Tokyo, Japan
Doctor Lust Los Angeles, CA
Dolly Cakes Brisbane, Queensland, AU
Major Suttle-Tease Los Angeles, CA
Miss Spent Youth Los Angeles, CA
Olive Oztentatious Los Angeles, CA
Red Velvet San Francisco, CA

MONDAY NIGHT SHOWCASE at Three Clubs, 8pm Show

Emcees – Lili VonSchtupp & Funny Eddie Medrano
Stage Kittens – Oh Olive and Kitty Coco Butter

8pm MNTease Closing Party
Ellie Quinn North Chesterfield, VA
Aphrodite DeVine Munich, Germany
Bunny Wigglebottom Atlanta, GA
Jacqueline Hyde Seattle, WA
Dizzy Swank New York, NY
Kalliope Voxx Phoenix, AZ
Ricardo Montalbum Las Vegas, NV

10pm MNTease Closing Party

Taryn Garters Tucson, AZ
Diamond Minx Vancouver, CA
Sepia Jewel San Diego, CA
Blanche Bourgeois Los Angeles, CA
Green Mountain Cabaret Sugar Shakers Burlington, VT
Lacy Knickers Portland, OR
Hannibal Charlotte, NC
Vivi Valens Chicago, IL

Line up is subject to change.